We customize our workshops based on our clients interests and needs and deliver tangible results for their strategic decision-making, stakeholders and marketing.

What we do

You or your staff will gain the ability to perform solutions architecture on blockchain, and develop scalable blockchain applications. Learning a new technology can differentiate your business from other software development companies and alike. This can assist in unlocking new revenue streams, and talent retention. We are also able to focus on your own use case if you have something in mind you’d like to specifically explore further.

Following our workshop your team will know what blockchain is, what it does, and how it can be advantageous to your business, or not.

Our services may include

  • 1-week, 1-month or long-term, whichever is most applicable
  • Primary research: Talk with experts and/or team, observation, analyses, experimentation
  • Secondary research: Papers, existing documentation
  • Assessment of protocol and tooling (accessibility, maturity)
  • Assessment of token economics (tokenomics)
  • Assessment of positioning and fit for use cases/verticals
  • Assessment of ecosystem stage and establishment
  • Evaluation of specific blockchain use cases
  • Applications: Use case, protocol choice (incl. private/public, compliance, privacy)
  • Investment: Team, roadmap, community, marketing, investor relationships
  • Feedback, recommendations, ideas for improvement

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