Blockchain Strategy
Through in-depth analysis of projects, ecosystems, current approaches and our best practices , we assist with strategy for the go-to market, and right through to scaling a project for longevity.

What we do

We engage in strategy creation based on the underlying tech, strategy frameworks adjusted for blockchain, best practices in DLT, our unique experience from leading the NEM blockchain and working with multiple other protocols and growth startups. We evaluate the current positioning and strategies versus other options to position the project, and to onboard devs, corporates, startups, or investors through the formulation of a strategy mix with clear short-, mid-, and long-term goals. Depending on your needs, strategy can focus only on onboarding one specific target segment or on overall project development.

Strategy for blockchain projects is very unique and involves a lot more than “normal” management or tech consultancy. We have a big “playbook” of blockchain strategies proven for the lifecycle of blockchain projects.

Our services may include

  • 2-month project or regular consulting
  • Creation of tech/project roadmaps
  • Go-to-market strategy formulation
  • Evaluation of the best (relevant) target segments
  • Assessment of current and potential positioning in DLT
  • Use case identification for your specific technology
  • Assessment of existing and potential strategies
  • Strategy creation to onboard devs, investors, users, business
  • Definition of blockchain KPIs and goals

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