Blockchain Project Input
We provide recommendations, consulting and hands-on development to improve projects, protocols and tooling and solutions architecture of applications.

What we do

Through our experience, utilizing best practices from the blockchain industry, tech assessment including testing, and direct feedback from blockchain and traditional industry experts, we provide advice and hands-on input for technology. We share our insights into the product development roadmap, suggest feature improvements and additions, define important tooling around your product, create guides and content to increase technology adoption, through improved accessibility. Ultimately, we take a holistic approach to develop tools and applications ourselves, with partners and with your team.

A core technology is like a raw material because it requires processing before it can be used in production. We consult and engage in this “processing” - making the technology/app more accessible by refining core features and adding important tooling (“building blocks”).

Our services may include

  • Consulting and/or tech development
  • Input for, and definition of, core features
  • Identification of important, value-adding tooling
  • Specification of use cases and required features
  • Quality content, guides, videos and documentation
  • Solutions Architecture for applications
  • Development of tools, prototypes and applications
  • Feedback, recommendations and ideas

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