Hands-on project execution
The right execution of a strategy is crucial for the success of any project. Utilizing our experience, assessments and strategy creation, we guide, consult and engage in tech development and strategy execution throughout all blockchain project stages.

What we do

We support blockchain protocols and projects with our comprehensive knowledge in scaling, advising, and introductions at the right time. These are usually connections to exchanges and liquidity providers, insights into running an ICO/STO/IEO, or project-specific methods for onboarding developers, investors, community and (partner) companies. We engage fully hands-on in the implementation of different strategies such as building a partner network, installing a grant program, running tech workshops or improving the “onboarding funnel” aimed at making a project more accessible.

No one can have knowledge in legal, blockchain tech, finance and business at the same time. We have blockchain tech, strategy and market insider knowhow to guide and work with you through the “Blockchain jungle” - together with our ecosystem partners.

Our services may include

  • 1-week, 1-month or regular consulting
  • Improving existing strategies and processes
  • Training inhouse staff to track and improve processes
  • Creating a new positioning and image for a project
  • Extending the reach of a blockchain project
  • Growing the dev and investor community
  • Leading the implementation of strategies
  • Introducing organizational changes and oversight
  • Connecting a project with the right partners
  • Building and leading a consortium

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