Tech & Project Assessment
Utilizing our own evaluation guidelines and hands-on testing we assess projects, their ecosystem and the stage and progress of the core technology and tooling.

What we do

We examine current problems, certain requirements and come up with solutions on the business and tech-side. Overall, a tech, blockchain, token or project assessment can help you as a project or as an investor to make a data-based decision how a project is currently performing and positioning itself in the market. From such analyses, FullBlock can immediately provide input on good fitting use cases and value-adding “building blocks” to improve the project and make it more accessible.

Following our tech and project assessment, your team will understand areas which can use improvement, be empowered with additional building blocks or new strategies to build the community, devs and businesses.

Our services may include

  • 1-week, 1-month or long-term, whichever is most applicable
  • Primary research: Talk with experts and/or team, observation, analyses, experimentation
  • Secondary research: Papers, existing documentation
  • Assessment of protocol and tooling (accessibility, maturity)
  • Assessment of token economics (tokenomics)
  • Assessment of positioning and fit for use cases/verticals
  • Assessment of ecosystem stage and establishment
  • Evaluation of specific blockchain use cases
  • Applications: Use case, protocol choice (incl. private/public, compliance, privacy)
  • Investment: Team, roadmap, community, marketing, investor relationships
  • Feedback, recommendations, ideas for improvement

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