FullBlock Solutions in Lithuania

August 11, 2019

FullBlock meets Lithuanian blockchain ecosystem

At the end of July, beginning of August 2019 our team met in Vilnius and connected with the local Blockchain community. Among other things the team met with capital companies in blockchain, new exchanges and provided training to Tech Superheroes.

One of the most exciting projects that was discussed during the week is the fix.network. The FIX Network will utilize existing cellular infrastructure and implement a new blockchain-based security protocol. This architecture will enable mobile operators to provide a safe environment for protecting identities and cryptocurrencies. The solution will allow blockchain account holders to store their private keys on standard SIM cards.This will enable safe transaction signing by the SIM card itself, never exposing users' private keys - basically you have a 2FA with your Sim card which is super safe and practical. You can check the project roadmap and development here.

Another great project we got to meet is Coinspace. Coinspace is your gateway to blockchain and offers news related to crypto and blockchain, an overview of cryptocurrencies (comparable to Coinmarketcap), an academy to learn about blockchain and much more that is not yet publicly available. Ultimately, it will be one platform, including every tool and service required for crypto users. Aggregating the knowledge and bringing crypto users together on one platform is much needed in the fragmented blockchain market. Check it out!

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