FullBlock Solutions attended TOA Berlin 2019

July 8, 2019

Berlin Tech Open Air 2019

The FullBlock Solutions team just attended TOA Berlin and numerous satellite events.

At TOA 2018, Istvan did a live-blockchain prototyping session on stage showing how the secondary ticket market is currently flawed and can be improved by utilizing blockchain. This year blockchain was not the central topic of the main event but we met several blockchain projects and representatives from Waves gave a great introduction to their project, their Web3 vision and their new language - RIDE. One of the projects building on Waves, shared a live demo. This project demo was very impressive - you should definitely check their Website and Twitter.

TOA Berlin is much more than the main event. In fact, the satellite events are very focused on specific topics or hosted by companies and therefore a better possibility to network. We attended more than 10 satellite events. The following ones were the most exciting:

  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road into the DATA SPACE by SAP
  • Go Big: The NBT Pitching Session
  • App Development on KILT Protocol
  • Unlocking a global, borderless economy with Algorand
  • Future of Online Privacy (Jolocom)
  • IOTA Barbecue - how Distributed Ledger Technology shapes our future

Check out this year's trailer below and see you at TOA 2020 again!

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