20 proven strategies for blockchain adoption

Blockchain projects need to onboard developers, companies or projects and investors – no matter if you build a protocol or an application, or whether you issue a token or not.  Depending on your project and your target segments, a few, some, or all of the following 20 strategies could be interesting to investigate and add to your existing strategy.

Lean approach: Build - Measure - Learn

This list of blockchain strategies can serve as a great start - pick a few, try them, and measure their cost-return. Be sure to measure highly relevant KPIs such as CAC for developers and LTV for businesses. ROI is often difficult to measure in the short-term on a scalable partner network with software dev companies for example, but it can be created with certainty to be cashflow positive within 3 years with rapid scaling or from start with natural slow scaling! Ensure a lean approach is utilized and implement your team’s in-house skills to refine and improve the offering constantly. In case positive effects aren’t apparent, you should obviously consider adjustments, or even disregard a strategy.

The big list of blockchain strategies

While this list isn’t exclusive and many strategies support the onboarding of multiple target segments, we’ve divided the following list into five proven strategies for each target segment: Developers, corporates, startups and investors.

5 strategies to onboard developers

·       Developer onboarding through hackathons and competitions

·       Developer workshops

·       Building a partner network with software dev companies and system integrators

·       Bounty and grant program for bugs, tools, PoCs

·       Education: University cooperation, tutorials, online and offline courses

5 Strategies to onboard corporates

·       Partner network with system integrators and consultancies

·       Industry conferences/events and workshops

·       Direct collaboration with corporates, their digital hub, incubator or accelerator and offer implementation of their requirements in your project

·       Join working groups and associations

·       Publicity in mainstream media

5 onboarding strategies for blockchain startups and projects

·       Competitions, grants and incubator programs

·       Lighthouse projects

·       Direct selling and thought leadership

·       Cross-chain collaboration and ecosystem initiatives

·       Onboard developers internally and create spin-offs

5 strategies to onboard (crypto) investors

·       Connect your own incubation program with crypto VCs

·       Join incubator or accelerator programs as a startup / mentor

·       Ambassador program and events to onboard amateur investors

·       Promotions with exchanges

·       Incentive mechanisms for holding crypto long-term such as staking rewards

What is your take on these strategies?

There are many more strategies for onboarding developers, companies and investors. For example, there’s a great deal of potential in content marketing and SEM due to these methods not being utilized extensively around blockchain, and many long-tail keywords are cheap. Long-term (!) token holders can be onboarded through strategies employed by companies which have been used post-IPO over the years, including; recurring investor rounds after each quarter.

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