About us
FullBlock Solutions is a go-to-point for blockchain.

We are a group of highly motivated blockchain insiders that turned consultants and builders and support blockchain protocols, projects and companies interested in assessing, building or growing their project.


Our members share the understanding that blockchain technology is one important part of the Web 3 which empowers people to regain control over their data and digital identity. Unlike in Web 2, the value will likely not only accumulate on a few platforms or on the application layer, but can also be captured at the protocol level - and benefit the ones that build the core technology, and/or keep it running. We believe blockchain technology allows organizations and individuals to simplify complex processes, to change rigid value chains and existing systematic errors in our societies and economies. This can enable applications which have a positive impact on society. We are also seeing great potential in a more secure internet of value which should stimulate economic growth through new business models, and more open, inclusive, incentivized communities.

We are able to assist protocols and projects to identify great positioning, and to improve and grow them. Through our blockchain tech know-how, market understanding, and strategy experience, we aim to become the objective go-to point for blockchain projects and companies interested in assessing blockchain.

Our history & value proposition

Our current team members met through working together at NEM Europe when we educated people about the NEM Blockchain, and developed tools and strategies to scale the project. At the end of 2018, we proposed a new tech entity outside the NEM Foundation for the NEM ecosystem, with a focus on rolling out successful EU initiatives globally, scaling up the tech department and overcoming governance issues. Our proposal received overwhelmingly positive community feedback (99%) but wasn’t going forward. At that point in time - April 2019 - we realized the extensive experience we had built up over the years, and the value we can bring to more protocols and companies through educational initiatives such as in-depth workshops, technical training and blockchain consulting. By now, we've worked on various blockchain projects individually and together, we got to know many new blockchain ecosystems and each of us extended their existing large networks.

We believe more SMEs should receive insights to new technologies and explore the opportunities with blockchain.  We realized that we are not the "average" blockchain consultants but built up a much deeper market and tech understanding which allows us to provide unique value to most blockchain protocols and projects throughout the lifecycle - especially to provide input to tech and help them grow their ecosystems. Ultimately, we aim to support the wider blockchain ecosystem and break up the existing silos and rather push education, collaboration and interoperability.

Our offering for Blockchain projects & Companies
Our knowledge in Blockchain tech & the industry sets us apart from other “blockchain consultancies”, and we can offer blockchain-specific input on core and tooling, and engage in blockchain ecosystem development.

Who We Are

Kristof Van de Reck
Industry Lead & Co-Founder
“I'm inspired by the disruptive nature of blockchain & passionate about helping organisations use blockchain to everyone's advantage.“

Founding member, former Head of Europe & Interim President of NEM.io Foundation. Current Chairman of the Board at Blockchain for Europe for NEM Foundation. Extensive business experience in various industries with vast blockchain knowledge to help companies leverage on the technology.

Julian Richter
BLockchain strategist & Co-founder
“I usually think of tech & data as tools to create valuable products or to gain a competitive advantage. With Blockchain and token economies much more than that can be achieved one day. I love to help projects scale up, the industry to mature and to co-create new business models.”

Worked in operations, marketing, sales & BI for top EU tech startups such as FlixBus & HelloFresh. Created & executed as NEM EU Head of Partnerships strategies to onboard companies, devs & strategic partners such as consultancies, learning platforms, unis, hubs, incubators & associations. Also ran industry workshops & an STO working group to define blockchain features and connect the market leaders.

Gary Piercy
Business developMent & Co-Founder
“My goal is to gain you as a long-term client, not just once. To do that, I‘ll make sure you receive the very best experience & value from our team.“

Former NEM Europe Head of Sales/Partner Networks. Over 20 years of business experience in various industries in management & ownership positions. Largely, internet service, media/marketing/advertising, capital investment & AWS, Google, Azure Cloud MSP.

István Deák
Solutions Architect & Co-founder
“If you think good solutions architecture is expensive - try bad architecture. I love designing and also feel a great sense of satisfaction teaching people & helping businesses understand the areas of their business where blockchain can help.“

Founder & CTO of a high-tech company. Developer, Solutions Architect and formerly Solutions Architect/Trainer for NEM Europe. Numerous blockchain workshops & designed/implemented trainings for a range of companies, education facilities & public tech demos.

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