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We provide products and services that bridge the gap between businesses and blockchain technology.

FullBlock Services

Expert Training & Workshops

We provide a range of expert training & workshops for you and your team, including tech staff. Our modules cover blockchain basics to get started, is blockchain actually right for your business, insights into the current use of blockchain in your industry, and the identification of blockchain use cases for your unique business. We can also do your prototyping and an introduction to blockchain development.

Blockchain Strategy Consulting

Turning our knowledge into your know-how: We advise businesses of all shapes and sizes on token economics, STOs and technical blockchain development. We help you decide if you really need blockchain, what type of blockchain is best for you, and the most effective way to utilize blockchain technology for your business.

Solutions Architecture & Co-Delivery

Among our unique strengths is solutions architecture for blockchain development and integration into existing systems. We are selective in choosing our partners for co-delivering projects, and only engage in projects that are either high-value, or likely to have a significant impact.

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Why Us

Our team has years of experience working directly for a leading public & private blockchain platform. Through these years of experience working with blockchain in solutions architecture, blockchain development & training, as well as running a security token working group, we have acquired the expertise to help you unlock the potential of blockchain for your business.

Who We Are

Kristof Van de Reck
Industry Lead & Co-Founder
“I'm inspired by the disruptive nature of blockchain & passionate about helping organisations use blockchain to everyone's advantage.“

Founding member, former Head of Europe & Interim President of NEM.io Foundation. Current Chairman of the Board at Blockchain for Europe for NEM Foundation.
Extensive business experience in various industries with vast blockchain knowledge to help companies leverage on the technology.

Julian Richter
Business Consultant & Co-founder
“I enjoy using technology as a tool to identify and create scalable, high-value products, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage for our clients.”

Worked in operations, online marketing & analytics for top European tech startups such as FlixBus & HelloFresh and connected as Head of Partnerships for NEM Europe blockchain with the industry through workshops and a security token working group.

Gary Piercy
Business developMent & Co-founder
“My goal is to gain you as a long-term client, not just once. To do that, I‘ll make sure you receive the very best experience & value from our team.“

Former NEM Europe Head of Sales/Partner Networks. Over 20 years of business experience in various industries in management & ownership positions. Largely, internet service, media/ marketing/ advertising, capital investment & AWS, Google, Azure Cloud MSP.

István Deák
Solutions Architect & Co-founder
“If you think good solutions architecture is expensive - try bad architecture. I love designing and also feel a great sense of satisfaction teaching people & helping businesses understand the areas of their business where blockchain can help.“

Founder & CTO of a high-tech company. Developer, Solutions Architect and formerly Solutions Architect/Trainer for NEM Europe. Numerous blockchain workshops & designed / implemented trainings for a range of companies, education facilities & public tech demos.

Joris Huybrechts
Solutions Architect & Co-founder
“My goal is to help and train companies so they make the right decision about blockchain. 'If, how and what' can only be answered by training people to find the right solutions in the new and growing world of blockchain.“

Former NEM Europe Solutions Architect & Trainer. Years of experience working for a range of systems integration firms through to blockchain definitions and training.

Access to Blockchain
Blockchain technology is here to stay. What is blockchain technology, and how can it be used and integrated into your business? We have the experience and know-how to support you all the way – from discovery to deployment.
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